Press Releases

Provided are recent press releases of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce:

W.Va. Chamber Press Releases

NEWS RELEASE ---W.Va. Chamber Notes Election Results and Future Goals
September 27, 2016
W.Va. Chamber PAC Announces 2016 General Election Endorsements
May 19, 2015
W.Va. Chamber Hosts 2015 Environmental Conference
December 15, 2014
W.Va. Chamber Raises Concerns about Division of Labor’s Proposed Emergency Rules
January 14, 2015
W.Va. Chamber Applauds West Virginia Legislature’s New Rule on Economic Impact Statement
March 13, 2015
W.Va. Chamber Notes 2015 Legislative Session Successes
December 8, 2014
W.Va. Chamber Board Endorses 2015 Legislative Initiatives
November 5, 2014
W.Va. Chamber Reacts to 2014 General Elections
August 20, 2014
W.Va. Chamber 78th Annual Meeting and Business Summit
July 14, 2014
W.Va. Chamber to Visit with EPA Region III
June 2, 2014
W.Va. Chamber Responds to New EPA Rules


"Every day, the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce works to make West Virginia a better place to do business by giving private-sector employers a voice in state politics and protecting business interests before regulatory bodies, the Legislature, and the courts."