2013 Policy Recommendations for Education

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West Virginia Legislature Links

The West Virginia Chamber encourages you to contact legislators and encourage them to GO BIG and GO BROAD on education reform.  Below are links you may find helpful in staying up to date as this issue progresses with the 81st Legislature.  You may also access the Committee Substitute for SB 359 here.

• House Education Committee Members 
• Senate Education Committee Members
• Listen live
to floor sessions and committee meetings of the West Virginia Legislature.

Letter Writing Campaigns

The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce is in constant contact with members of the West Virginia Legislature and the Governor to advocate for education transformation for our children.  The Chamber encourages you to get involved and join our efforts.  Mailing addresses for House and Senate members can be found on the West Virginia Legislature’s website.  Below are communications that have previously been sent to the Legislature and Governor.

2/7/13 - Governor Tomblin: Go Big and Go Broad2/8/13 - West Virginia Legislature: Go Big and Go Broad

Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor

While the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce is working with the Legislature to address education reform, it is equally important to engage the public.  The Chamber is constantly working to espouse its vision for better education outcomes.  Below are op-eds that have been written to various newspapers around West Virginia.

2/20/13 - Steve Roberts, President, West Virginia Chamber of Commerce: West Virginia's Students, Teachers Deserve Better.2/21/13 - J. Thomas Jones, Chairman, West Virginia Chamber of Commerce: Time to Change our Education System is NOW.


Actions in State Government

The West Virginia Chamber is working to keep you informed of what is being said in state government in regard to education reform.  View Governor Tomblin's State of the State Address, his letter to the West Virginia Board of Education and the Board's response to his letter here.

2/13/13 - The Hon. Earl Ray Tomblin: State of the State Address2/13/13 - Governor Tomblin to West Virginia Board of Education


Education reform is shaping up to be the main item on the Legislature's Agenda.  Visit here to catch up on the news stories surrounding education.

Education reform dominates State of the StateLinger excited about Tomblin's spotlight on education reform

The conversation is about W.Va. students


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