Leadership West Virginia

Leadership West Virginia is a statewide program to develop, strengthen and connect emerging leaders for the Mountain State. During eight months of training, participants in each Leadership West Virginia cohort are helped to enhance their personal leadership skills and enrich their knowledge of not only the problems facing the state, but also of its diverse and unique attributes.

Why does this program exist?

The cultivation of new leadership is of utmost importance to West Virginia's future prosperity and progress. Leadership West Virginia works to develop and motivate a cross-section of leaders who will use their talent and abilities to inspire others and to foster a new spirit of energy, enthusiasm and vitality throughout the state.

Each year a class of some 50 leaders is selected to participate in the program. A selection committee reviews the applications of statewide nominees from whom the final group of participants is chosen.

Those selected must have demonstrated skills and experience in civic activities, public affairs and in their professional careers. Although the selected participants will be from different regions, have varied backgrounds and possess diverse talents, they all must have one common characteristic - an abiding interest in West Virginia and her future.

The program consists of eight monthly two-day educational sessions from March through November. (The class does will not meet during August.) Each of the sessions is conducted in a different community and addresses key subjects and critical issues facing West Virginia. The sessions typically run from Thursday morning through Friday afternoon.

At each session, recognized authorities - practitioners, teachers, professionals and analysts - provide information and insight into the selected topic.

A variety of views is presented on each topic, and visits are made to local sites to reinforce, through observation and practical experience, the subject matter of the program.

Participants must be committed to the program and accept the demands of the eight-month schedule, as attendance is mandatory for graduation.

A statewide network of Leadership West Virginia alumni targets areas of involvement and actively engages in finding solutions that will aid West Virginia's future growth and prosperity. The alumni meet to strengthen relationships developed and to maintain and build on the knowledge gained during their Leadership experience.

Our graduates represent a broad cross-section of West Virginians -- all of whom are engaged in a variety of sectors and at various levels inventing a bright future for the Mountain State.


For more information, contact Pam Farris at pfarris@leadershipwv.org or call (304) 342-1497