Dashboard for Economic Progress

Welcome to the West Virginia Chamber's Dashboard of Economic Progress. Below are several various indicators of economic health and well being. To view a particular statistic, simply click the link below. All data is gathered from impartial and reputable sources. Information will be updated as new data becomes available.



Creating good, high-paying jobs is one of the most important aspects of economic development. Over the past few years, West Virginia has been adding jobs in a variety of sectors. Below is some information to allow you to see where West Virginia currently stands, as well as where our state has been in recent years.

Personal Income Growth by State

GDP Growth by State

Construction Jobs in WV

Mining Jobs in WV

Manufacturing Jobs in WV

Total Employment in WV

Unemployment Rate in WV

Labor Force Participation Rate by State


West Virginia is an energy-producting state, with a deep history in coal production. Recent years have seen a major boom in the natural gas industry, bringing significant economic development and job creation to the state. Below is some information on important energy-related metrics regarding West Virginia.

West Virginia Natural Gas Production

West Virginia Quarterly Coal Production

West Virginia Annual Residential Electricty Rates

Electricity Price for Residential Customers (State-by-State)

West Virginia Annual Commercial Electricty Rates

Electricity Price for Commercial Customers (State-by-State)

West Virginia Annual Industrial Electricty Rates

Electricity Price for Industrial Customers (State-by-State)


As recently as 2017, West Virginia was facing a significant budget deficit with many competing ideas on how to solve the crisis. In the end, no new business, sales or income taxes were enacted, and economic development has generated the revenue needed to operate state government in an efficient manner. Below is some information that tells this story:

General Revenue Collections in West Virginia

Individual Tax Component Rank by State

Sales Tax Rates by State

Corporate Income Tax Rates by State

Severance Tax Collections in West Virginia

Cigarette Taxes by State


Education, talent development and job retention are the keys to our state's future, our children's future and economic growth. Every child must have the opportunity to learn and succeed in our schools. This requires children being taught by highly competent teachers, being provided adequate classroom time, having a caring, engaged adult in their lives, and standards and expectations that are set to encourage the best possible student performance.

Below are some statistics to help show West Virginia's progress on this front:

2017 NAEP Results - 4th Grade Math

2017 NAEP Results - 8th Grade Math

2017 NAEP Results - 4th Grade Reading

2017 NAEP Results - 8th Grade Reading

For some additional information on education results in West Virginia, you can click here to visit the West Virginia Chamber's Education Dashboard.