West Virginia Chamber Foundation

The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a 501c3 organization that is designed to educate and provide innovative policy change to improve academic achievement of West Virginia students and economic development opportunities throughout West Virginia.

The Chamber Foundation makes qualifying distributions directly for the active conduct of its education and charitable purposes, and wishes to educate and provide support for innovative policy and programming that improves academic achievement of West Virginia's students.

In the immediate aftermath of the 2016 West Virginia floods, the Chamber Foundation played an active role by providing critical relief supplies to the Elk River area in West Virginia, and served over 1,200 hot meals to flood victims and relief workers. Once immediate needs were met, the West Virginia Chamber Foundation shifted toward a long-term recovery approach. Individuals who experienced losses in the flood were able to receive financial assistance from agencies such as FEMA, but many small business owners only had the option to take our loans, with interest, in order to reopen. The Chamber Foundation stepped in to fill this void and awarded over $300,000 in mini-grants to small businesses in West Virginia to help them reopen their doors to commerce .