Government Relations

The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce continuously builds and maintains relationships with a host of governmental entities. Elected officials and department administrators make decisions on a daily basis that have a profound impact on the business community in West Virginia. The Chamber understands that the relationships it builds are crucial to promoting the interests of its members. Relationships with government officials afford the Chamber the opportunity to be a part of creating solutions that improve the business climate and quality of life in West Virginia.

West Virginia Government Overview


The West Virginia Legislature meets in regular session annually for 60 days, generally from mid-January to mid-March. Lawmakers also hold monthly interim committee meetings during the remainder of the year.

Website - West Virginia Legislature

The Chamber sends out a weekly newsletter highlighting important business news, updates and member spotlights from around the state in our “News Update.”




Online Legislative Resource Center

1) List of Key Bills (Available during 60-day regular session)

2) How a bill becomes law - click to read

3) Contacting Legislators:

Members of the West Virginia Senate

Members of the West Virginia House of Delegates


Which legislators serve on what committees?

State Senate Committees

House of Delegates Committees 


Provided are key websites for West Virginia's Executive branch of government:

Secretary of State
Attorney General
State Treasurer


The Judicial branch of West Virginia's government is organized into three levels: the Supreme Court of Appeals, circuit courts, and magistrate courts.

Website - West Virginia Court System

The Supreme Court of Appeals is West Virginia’s highest court and the court of last resort. The state Supreme Court comprises five elected members. Listing of Supreme Court decisions

West Virginia’s 55 counties are divided into 31 circuits with 75 circuit judges - click to see map.

Federal Issues

The West Virginia Chamber, on behalf of its members, routinely engages in dialogue with federal officials and federal regulatory agencies. The West Virginia Chamber engages frequently with federal officials to ensure they understand the point of view of the state’s employer community.