The most important core aspect of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce is to promote job creation in West Virginia. The Chamber works diligently each day with state law makers and the business community to provide important incentives for our established employers as well as perspective businesses. We recognize the importance of providing a positive, free enterprise economic climate and how it affects our future. With a flourishing, business friendly environment, more jobs will be created, putting more West Virginians to work, improving our communities, and make West Virginia a more marketable location to do business. Strengthening the state’s ability to attract, keep, and grow jobs is the Chamber's highest priority!

Over the past few years, the West Virginia Chamber along with its members have been experienced several victories including: passage of Right-to-Work, significant legal and regulatory reform, education improvements, the enactment of major reforms to and privatization of the state's Workers’ Compensation system, reduction in business taxes, passage of several insurance and tort-reform measures, a solution to the state's medical malpractice crisis, creation of added health insurance options, stoppage of onerous labor-backed measures (captive communications, mandatory overtime prohibitions) and tax relief for the technology services industry.


  • A Powerful Voice of Representation in West Virginia's Courts and Legislature
  • Promoting policies that help you grow your business in West Virginia
  • Defeating bills and repealing laws that limit your business potential
  • Members-Only Legislative Agendas — Sent daily during the legislative session.
  • Weekly News Update - Sent every Thursday to keep you up to speed on the most important news in West Virginia.
  • Weekly Legislative Updates that give members a breakdown of what is happening during the legislative session.
  • Other Timely & Impactful Legislative and Policy Updates

For more information on joining the Chamber, please contact Kathy Thomas at