Pillars for Progress



Competitive Business Climate

A better jobs climate will lead to more employment opportunities for our state's workers. The West Virginia Chamber supports:

  • A competitive and sustainable tax system that attracts investment.
  • Reform to eliminate property tax on manufacturing equipment and inventory to align West Virginia with states that are experiencing economic growth.
  • Market-driven solutions to rising healthcare prices that lower costs and provide access to important medical services.
  • Streamlined regulatory policies that do not hinder job creation and growth.
  • A modernized legal system that gives fair treatment to all.


Education and Workforce Development

West Virginia employers need an educated workforce.  Schools must be effective, accountable and responsive and produce a competitive, healthy, and world-class workforce.  The West Virginia Chamber supports:

  • Effective K-12 public schools to prepare students for 21st Century jobs.
  • A strong community & technical college system working with West Virginia employers and coordinating with public schools and higher education .
  • A university system engaged in fostering the success of businesses committed to leading the nation in innovation and transformation.


Infrastructure & Economic Development

A robust economy is built on a solid infrastructure.  Transportation is vital to move people and products to larger economic markets.  Air service, connectivity, maintenance and construction of roadways, and the continuance of the state's water and sewer enhancement program are key.  The West Virginia Chamber supports:

  • Development of access to locations for manufacturers and producing companies to build businesses, expand the state’s jobs base and provide good-paying, full-time jobs.
  • Sufficient physical infrastructure, including transportation, water and sewer, energy and broadband to meet future needs.
  • Ongoing community development for measures to enhance public safety and more economic opportunity.


Good Government & Quality of Life

Every West Virginian should have the opportunity for a life that includes a healthy environment, a quality education, a good-paying job and an efficient government.  The West Virginia Chamber supports:

  • Safe and healthy communities through crime prevention and an end to addiction.
  • Holding all levels of government to the highest standards.
  • Constant monitoring and improvement of workplace and school safety.
  • A commitment to coordinated action to overcome factors affecting the health and well-being of every West Virginian.